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Revealed: The Secret Process that Smart Property Renovators use to Reduce Risk and Increase Profit”

Ever find yourself dreaming about property renovation and the huge profits renovators can make?

Want to create more freedom and creativity in your life? Well here’s your chance.

If you want to discover how to create profits in any market, then property renovation is the perfect way to do it. You must know what you’re doing though… Or you’ll fall for the usual trappings that all the novices make…And you’ll probably lose the shirt off your back! You see… Property renovation is very lucrative. Of course it must be done in the correct way.

And just like almost any other entrepreneurial income strategy, there is a process. It all starts with finding the right suburb, in the right region, with the right property, for the right price.

Why? Well, spectacular profits are based on purchasing correctly.

The thing is, if you buy above the properties “True Value” you will reduce and in some cases completely negate your profit. So knowing how to calculate the true value is one of the major factors in masterminding a successful reno project. The importance of this cannot be overstressed.

Buying at or below the true value gives you a solid basis on which to create greater profits. And your goal in any renovation should be to pay for your family to live and get cashflow for the next reno.

How does $90,000 in 12 weeks sound? We did that! Numerous times! …And today we continue to achieve those profit numbers and often even higher.

Pretty damned enticing isn’t it!

Keep reading..

Well, as enticing as it is, this is completely doable if you follow our process.

Another point worth noting…

When renovating, there are certain areas of the property which are the Hero areas and these represent where the “BIG money” is.

Knowing what these areas are and how to improve them for maximum return is fundamental to your success.

The problem is… TV reno shows!

These shows give you loads of information without actually telling you what these areas are.

In fact they swamp you with info.

And then they leave it up to you to decide what you should do.

The truth is, they’re not really trying to educate you.

And while you’re guessing what to do next…

  • time is ticking,
  • income is diminishing
  • and profit is shrinking.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could be mentored through a project or two?

I mean, wouldn’t you rather have an expert who has the runs on the board in your corner?

I thought so.

I certainly would!

…and that is what we would have LOVED when we first got started many years ago.

So let me be the first to congratulate you.

You are in exactly the right place.

We are those guys!

We can hold your hand and guide you through the canyon of renovation uncertainty.

Because we’ve been there.

Our failures taught us much.

So much… that in just four short years…

We completed 25 property and renovation projects and generated $2.3 Million in profit.

The thing is, you can do this too…

…Especially if you follow our proven step by step renovation blueprint.

Now, as you can imagine, we get lots of enquiries.

And just so you know, we won’t have more than 20 mentoring students at once.

This is because we are hands on.

We walk the path with you and teach you what to look for and more importantly, what to lookout for.

Right now we have a few vacancies.

If you’re looking for a way to..

  • Sack The Boss
  • Turn Your Existence Into The Life You LOVE
  • Have More Comfort & Certainty in Retirement
  • Build Deposit for Your First Dream Home
  • Spoil Your Family
  • Simply Break Free from “The Rat Race”

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