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Greg Dixon:

I began property investing in 1984. I was just 19. Even then I knew the power of a residual income and there was no way I was going to put all my eggs into just one basket. What if the unforseen happened? What would I do then? I always had lots of questions… and to date I have invested heavily in my extracurricular skills. I wanted to make sure that when I needed the answer, I would have a pool of resources to draw on. My career took me up the line of management to where I was responsible for several large business units of a big corporation. Then I became CEO of a National Hydraulic company. Yes, I have the experience and the education, but what I’m truly driven by is educating, inspiring and empowering people to change their lives through property. This was the birth of Property Solutions for Australia with James. Over the past 8 years I have successfully made great profits from renovating properties and have developed systems and processes to minimise the associated risks and maximise profitability.

Greg Dixon

James Campbell-Bruce:

When I was 25 the world as we knew it changed. It was 2001, and the events which started in the later part of this year made me take stock and focus on what was important to me. The wealth of knowledge I had been amassing took a steep upward trend. New things were on my radar… and personal development and property were at the top of my list. I knew that if I didn’t take action I would be just another runner in the pack. For 10 years I taught High School Economics and Business. A double degree in Economics and Marketing and a Masters Degree in Teaching are high qualifications. But I needed some freedom. You see, it’s in helping others that really floats my boat. I love it. Despite having an ASIC Approved Australian Credit License and being a certified Mortgage Broker, the truth is, these are really just other avenues for me to help. Even my interest in Real Estate is enabling me to help people. Once I realised that I was a teacher who wanted to help and I was passionate about real estate, the scene was set. Enter Property to Profits!

James Campbell-Bruce